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FinTech Academy (FTA) spearheads talent development programmes ranging from financial literacy awareness to deep dive FinTech engineering courses.

We collaborate with educational institutions in Singapore as well as professional associations and bodies. We work closely with polytechnics and universities. FinTech Academy is committed to providing learners with reliable and efficient professional development services.

We will continue to curate innovative education programmes by integrating learning, industry and our growing community. FinTech Academy offers applied courses and co-branded events for growth sectors of the economy with a blend of various learning concepts that integrates work and study. We also offer specialised accredited programmes in partnership with world-class universities abroad too.

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Courses We Offer

Choose among the 50 mentors to guide you in your capstone project

Gain insights into the financial technology revolution and disruption

Discover and adopt human-centred design thinking approach

Understand the importance of cybersecurity in relation to FinTech.

Learn how different organisations are able to communicate to one another through APIs

Learn why organisations have been investing into blockchain applications

Learn and explore growing trends in the FinTech space


Our Past Events

FinTech Academy hosts a series of talks, seminars, events, and international conferences.

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FinTech Academy works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to spearhead talent development programmes

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