Fintech Academy (FTA) is incorporated in Singapore for spearheading talent development programmes ranging from financial literacy awareness to deep dive fintech engineering courses.

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FinTech Talent Programme

36 hours of classroom, lab, online learning and learning journey to visit fintech companies

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With our 3 months training programme, you will be re-skilled into understanding and applying FinTech and become future-ready.
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Recognition of Prior Learning

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may be considered for admission to the course based on evidence of at least 5 years of relevant working experience or supporting evidence of competency readiness.

Courses We Offer

We also provide bespoke mentoring and coaching for C-Series who leads digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence can create disruption to many traditional businesses and industry sectors. Machine Learning is able to further enhance the capability of the bots by learning the preferences and behaviours of the customers that they are serving.

Big Data & Data Analytic

Big Data is already known as one of the pillars of technology in this modern day and age. However, its application, combined with machine learning, has exponentially changed the way the various industries uses data.

Cloud & API Economy

The API economy is the exposure of an organization’s digital services and assets through application programming interfaces (API) in a controlled way.

Enterprise Blockchain

Traditional billing processes lead to high reconciliation costs and there is the obscurity of loss conditions. Blockchain is the key to solve these issues facing insurers creating an insurance ecosystem whereby processes are streamlined with lower cost.

Fintech & Innovation

Fintech is the new trend in the financial sector. Fintech is reshaping how financial institutions are improving customer experience and developing new business models.

Internet of Things

The “Internet of Everything” is the next big an imminent thing as businesses start to collect data from devices ranging from mobile phones to custom devices.

Payments, Digital Currencies and Cashless Economies

Digital Currencies exist before the age of Cryptocurrencies. It exhibits properties similar to digital currencies where it can be traded and used to purchase physical goods and services.


Live streaming through a virtual platform like ZOOM or in person at our venue or yours.

In-person sessions at your preferred venue can be arranged.

Consultancy, mentoring and coaching

Group Discussions on use cases Apply what you've learned

Think and reflect
Swing into Action

Past Events

About the FinTech Talent Programme

2018 and 2019
The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) have jointly created the inaugural 3-month FinTech Talent (FT) Programme, executed by Fintech Academy. Through this initiative, we are dedicated to grooming aspiring PMEs into exceptional FinTech leaders in their respective fields of expertise. We are committed to providing continuous engagements, career development platforms and networking opportunities for FT Programme participants.
The FT Programme features renowned industry practitioners, C-suite leaders and entrepreneurs from locally and internationally grown fintech companies. FinTech professionals attended sessions as guest speakers and our Fintech Academy training consultants engaged the participants through useful case studies and hands-on workshops where we aim to train participants in the areas of technical, leadership and soft skills. The course culminated in a demo day where we invited real Venture capitalists and bankers as our judges to assess their capstone projects for originality, viability and scalability.
Networking opportunities and the sharing of experiences by our speakers also provided access to participants at every session. The FT Programme endeavours to equip and certify FinTech professional with the right set of skills required to succeed in the workplace while additionally providing opportunities to expand their network by connecting with fellow practitioners, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Another successful outcome of the courses was to inspire our participants to further their studies and we are pleased that some have successfully obtained scholarships to attain Masters at our universities.
2019 and 2020
The success of the Talent Development programme which is now on autopilot run, saw us having the bandwidth to add more to enhance our outreach and create awareness about fintech. We ran talks and engaging workshops for Institutes of Higher Learning, ITE College, and MOE Schools.
We held our FinEdTech conference in 2019 for educators at M Hotel this year and like our FinEdTech Conference in 2018, we had an overwhelming response by professors, lecturers, and education officers gathered at M Hotel to learn from our stellar line-up of renowned industry practitioners, C-suite leaders and entrepreneurs from locally and internationally grown organizations. We also had industry visits arranged for our delegates to AI lab, Cybersecurity firm and SaaS as well as a financial institution. We also had a roundtable discussion for our thought leaders from accounting, banking and tech founders at MAS Reflection.
Networking opportunities and the sharing of experiences by our speakers were organised and we had our webinars where FinTech professionals and mentors shared their technical expertise and tips on pitching and how to expand their network was covered by practitioners, leaders, and entrepreneurs.
Another milestone achievement by the Fintech Academy is the formation of the Healthcare Fintech Alliance (HFA) which began with Pfizer and Alibaba as the founding partners. AccessHEALTH and other partners joined the Alliance and it was a roaring success in the first 6 months of its life, which culminated in an inaugural virtual ASEAN CSR Network Conference for 600 delegates, officiated by 2 Ministers and Ambassadors, as well as prominent industry leaders. university faculty, and government officials from ASEAN. The webinars, Thirsty Thursdays, and Tech Tuesdays were excellent awareness sessions with strong thought leadership provided by our very knowledgeable leaders and experts in their field. We are humbled and very appreciative of the support by government and industry in our endeavour to do outreach and advocate innovation and provide mentorship opportunities with academic rigour for the ecosystem. especially the founders and start-ups. We are also very blessed with the opportunity to participate in the Singapore Fintech Festival 2020 to provide workshops at the Talent Pavillion and hosted a panel from 7th to 11th Dec 2020.
Singapore: The Fintech Nation is the first ever book published on fintech scene in Singapore, and it was launched at the Singapore Fintech Festival, having narratives from our very own FinTech founders whom our Founder Dr Lillian Koh interviewed and documented these conversations, together with Varun Mittal, the "go-to-man" in fintech. Read more here Singapore: The Fintech Nation | McGraw Hill Asia (

Who We Are

The A Team comprises our Dy CEO SY Lim who has more than a decade of experience in logistics and blockchain and our Associate Director, Nikhil Ratnam who brings with him 2 decades of banking and finance experience from Wall Street and worldwide, to fintech now, and he is a much sought-after consultant with real expertise in this space; our Research and Development Manager, Jean and Josh, who are leading our research team, and members of our Founders labs, powered by our partners. Last but not least, our Founder & CEO, Dr Lillian Koh, who is the servant and evangelist of Fintech Academy. With more than 3 decades of being in education, she has a solid network of well renowned university professors in academia as well as practitioners who are Industry Experts in the fintech world to join us in this journey of educating others to spread the love.

Founder & CEO, Dr Lillian Koh

Dr. Lillian Koh is the Founder and CEO of Fintech Academy (Singapore). She was with the Ministry of Education, Singapore as a Senior Curriculum Specialist and was a faculty member at the National Institute of Education Singapore, which is an institute of the Nanyang Technological University. Advocating diversity in teaching and learning at the sole teacher training institute, Dr. Koh is also the champion of financial literacy in Singapore and was involved in spearheading financial and business education in Singapore. Using engaging pedagogies, technology and a model that has a great multiplier effect, she has positioned NIE at the forefront of the University’s work in seamless learning environment initiating a Class on Cloud with learning communities of members contributing to the Accounts Teaching Modules (ATM), Economics Resource Pool (ERP) and World of Work (WoW!) for business educators. She was the Chair of the Center of Financial Literacy at NIE, NTU and also the founding President of the Association of Commerce Educators (ACES). Appointed Chair of the Education Advisory Board of MDIS College and a faculty associate at A*STAR she was into a lot of innovations and start-ups also in her role as a consultant to various organizations like UNESCO, NHG, Pearson, MYOB, NETS, and Citi for education programmes. Besides leading FTA, she is also Director of the Center of Research and Innovation at NTUitive. She is also Advisor to the NTU Investment Interactive Club (NTU-IIC) and serves as a Mentor at Temasek LaunchPad. She was appointed International Consultant to the World Bank and has been serving as Advisor to the Insitute of Blockchain, Singapore.

What Our Students Have to Say

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Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
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Zasha Swan
From Australia
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Frank Jones
From Japan
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Jack Brownn
From London, UK

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