Data is the biggest asset to a 21st century business. Big data-driven platforms, such as social networking sites and search engines, have an increasing impact on our daily lives. On a wide variety of communication channels, users actively interact with friends and strangers, sharing all kinds of information – text, photos, videos, locations, interests and comments. Various AI-enabled algorithms work behind the scenes of such communication platforms, enabling such interactions at a deeper level. Google’s AI technology predicts the places we go and provides search suggestions. Facebook’s AI technology infers our interests from the content we post and manages our interactions with particular people and brands using this knowledge. Amazon uses AI to offer product recommendations, enticing customers to buy products that they otherwise would not. This AI-enhanced ecosystem is built upon a new and unique digital infrastructure where AI and humans work together, creating the digital world of the future. This workshop will teach you about and let you practice the full range of techniques ranging from traditional methods – surveys, interviews, and observation; to the modern – digital footprint tracing and processing of unstructured information.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

  • Familiarize with common terminologies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Discuss the use cases and be informed of the fintech landscape
  • Use the basic methods to build the message, context, and visualization of the data story
  • Experience hands-on by critically analyzing data stories for real workplace
  • Learn different techniques of data manipulation
  • Discuss problems with payments today and how fintech can address fintech can address such pain-points
  • Explain the revolution of payments – Digitalization, democratization, socialization of payments
  • Discuss the benefits of digital payments and how it fills the gaps of our current world
  • Identify regulatory and legal issues as well as examine how they can spur innovation and act as a catalyst for innovation for the financial services industry
  • Know the risks of digital strategies in the financial services industry and its importance
  • Synthesize the various verticals in fintech and how they can be applied in real life

Lesson Format:

(i) Live synchronous online (2 days) &
(ii) Asynchronous online learning for another 2 days (self-pace learning)

Venue: Virtual Live Broadcast
Course Fees: $2,388
Course Fees (After Subsidies): $388