This module provides an overall scope of financial planning and discusses the essential need for a qualified financial planner. The essential elements of financial planning such as cash flow management, time value of money and other elements are also included in this module to provide students with the basics before a detailed discussion on each element. Other important aspects related to financial planning such as regulations and technical tools are also included in this module to equip students with a holistic approach to financial planning.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

  • Describe the fundamentals of Wealth and Financial Planning through the six steps of Financial Planning.
  • Application of the financial planning techniques on actual life stage goals such as retirement, children education, wealth accumulation.
  • Understand customer pain points in financial planning and objection handling
  • Able to identify and name the regulatory body involved in the financial planning industry and their roles to uphold the Financial Planning profession and the code of conduct.

Lesson Format:

(i) Live synchronous online (2 days) &
(ii) Asynchronous online learning for another 2 days (self-pace learning)

Course Fees: $2,488
Course Fees (after subsidy): $488